Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Risotteria aka Gluten Free risotto heaven

Sorry it has been so long! You can tell how much cooking I've been doing lately...

After a weekend adventure in Cooperstown, where I discovered that yes, Virginia, the suburbs DO have gluten free surprises in store (more on that in a post to come), I was back on a restaurant kick which motivated me to venture below 14th Street (something I rarely do) and hit up Risotteria which will be known henceforth as Gluten Free heaven.

Risotteria is a casual, bustling Italian bistro in the village, quickly serving up tasty treats for Celiacs and their companions.  They have gluten free beer and beverages, gluten free breadsticks to start (seen below, accompanying the ridiculously tasty gluten free meatball appetizer I split with my honey) and a whole menu of gluten free goodness.  They also boast an in store frozen section, which is under the cash register and a bakery counter.  I walked away with 4 loaves of Ciabatta bread for the hefty price of 18 dollars.  It is gooooood, though.

Even more exciting were the cupcakes.  So exciting in fact that I forgot to take pictures before I practically swallowed them whole.  You'll have to forgive me for that.  A combination of hormones and 6 months GF actually brought tears to my eyes during Valentines Day dinner when the bread basket was placed on our table.  So cupcakes were in order that week and Risotteria's more than satisified.  Red Velvet was the star of the show.  I'm hoping to get back to Babycakes in the next few weeks for a comparison review, but we'll see.

The startling thing about Risotteria is that it seats maybe 20 people.  And the food comes out FAST.  So fast in fact that I nervously sighed when my risotto came out no more than 10 minutes after ordering, figuring that this would be nowhere near as authentic and perfect as I had hoped.  But I was wrong.  I don't know how they do it, but oh do they do it up good.  I chose the arugula, parma ham and fontina cheese risotto and was not disappointed.  Frank's sauseeeeej and mushroom risotto was tasty too.

Our meatball appetizer.  Two meatballs, bolognese sauce and the perfect breadsticks...

My risotto.  Hellllllloooooooo.

I tend to operate as though I can find something I can eat anywhere I go.  This has ALMOST (fuck you Brooklyn Diner) always been true. 

But sometimes, I don't want to be barely accomodated when I go out to eat.  I want to be indulged and catered to.  And I don't want to cry when the bread basket appears.  For those days where accomodation just won't do, and the tears are bubbling up, there is Risotteria.


  1. just found your blog googling for 5 napkin burger & gluten free -- they are opening one in boston and i'm super psyched to try it - i hope they have gluten free buns here too!

    love your blog!

  2. Thanks, Allie! Keeping my fingers crossed that your 5 Napkin will deliver the same gluten free goods.