Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nizza should be called Stupefacente.

For the non eye-talians in the crowd, Nizza translates to nice.  And stupefacente is somewhat close to amazing (Vittoria, correct me...). Which the restaurant in question, Nizza, certainly was.

Nizza served up my best gluten free experience so far.  They have a separate gluten free menu that you can request after being seated which was fairly extensive. Several pasta dishes, composed mains, lots of appetizers and soups all GF. And they take great care to avoid cross contamination. Yayyyy.

We started with an amazing thing called a socca which is essentially a patty of chickpea and olive oil that is thin and baked up to a crisp, topped with prosciutto, gorgonzola, arugula and a balsamic reduction. In a word, amazing.  Hence the title of this post. I honestly fought myself to not go down there the next night to get another one.  It was the perfect size for two to split for an app, too.  As a hint, even to the non GFers, Nizza has many more varietals of socca listed on the gluten free menu. Booyah, wheat eaters. We hold the key. My main was a delightful fettucine (corn pasta, which was super al dente and yummy) in a creamy pesto sauce. Perrrrrfection. The service was great and despite being in 9th avenue wayyy too close to Times Square, there is something romantic and cozy about this place.

I will most definitely be back. Probably to an embarrassing degree.

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