Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Take me out to the (gluten free!) ball game.

I've had quite a few gluten free adventures since my last post.  My, oh, my do I have some blogging to do.

The first of which that is notable enough to mention (and rave about) was my experience at Yankee Stadium.  Yes, the new address of greatness (Thank you for that gem, Michael Kay.) is quite surprisingly well equipped to deal with food allergies.  Down in section 125, Famiglia Pizzeria offers gluten free pizza which is actually cooked on its own tray in the oven to avoid cross contamination.  Had we not been late, I totally would have hung out and waited the 15 minutes for the pizza.  Of course, it was already the middle of the 1st inning and 125 was literally across the stadium and on a different level from our seats, so that wouldn't happen.

To my surprise, all food vendors have nutritional information lists of all the ingredients and allergens for menu items at their station or know who to ask/what was in the food us allergic folk need to ask about.  NY NY Grill fixed me a killer sausage and pepper plate (even if it did soak through its container by the time my doting boyfriend tracked down a fork for me to eat it with). Just like the ballgames from my childhood.  Only thing missing was the bun, which as it turns out, I didn't miss at all.

Only one thing separated this experience from the baseball games of my youth: the Yankees won!

Start spreading the news...

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