Friday, October 22, 2010


Oh, man.  I was working on comfort food posts this week.  There's nothing I like more than something hearty thats still healthy.  But as you may have guessed from the title of this here post, most of them were gigantic KITCHENFAILS.

I have been having the kitchen month from hell, save for two meals I prepared last week for my boyfriend and I.  One of which was great. The other okay. There will be posts to follow.

I had been harassing my mother for her tuna casserole recipe, figuring it would be a snap to get it gluten free.  Except then I couldn't find any condensed cream based soups that didn't have wheat (certainly none that were low fat).  Since it was 9:30pm and I was starving after working and having class, I decided to just improvise.  Bad move when you're tired, hungry, and in a crappy grocery store full of invalids.

I end up purchasing a store brand light alfredo sauce in a jar to substitute. Already, this is is a disaster.  Then, I get home and realize that I didn't have celery or celery seasoning.  Aaaaand I didn't feel like putting anything in the oven or actually cooking.  So I decided that I could create a microwave version of a tuna casserole.  Which consisted of a can of tuna, half a jar of this light alfredo sauce, shredded cheese, left over cooked gluten free pasta (that was in EVOO and tarragon) that had been in the fridge for about a week and some chopped raw white onion.

*Cue screams of horror/stomach cramps*

I would have taken a picture but it closely resembled vomit.  Which is pretty much what I wanted to do after I ate it.  Though I ate all of it.  Ugh. KITCHENFAIL. It was seriously the worst thing I have ever prepared.  I won't even say cooked, because that would be a total exaggeration.

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  1. I read this and a tear fell gently from my eye. Now I will go vomit. :( When you finally find an acceptable tuna casserole recipe please share.